Loving what life has to offer 

Of course life doesn’t always offer just good things for us to love doing but living in the moment will allow us to embrace every opportunity we have, to appreciate and enjoy all that we can.

For me the most joyous time was the birth of babies into the family, for me that is the ultimate happiness.

Loving life can be found everyday, seeing the sun come up or go down, the wonders of nature, the growth in all living things, in enjoying our favourite pastimes. Travel , Sport, Socialising, spending time with the people we love.

Taking time to appreciate the natural and more simple joys in life, I believe keeps me in a sense of balance and prepares me for the difficult times that are often just around the corner.

Over the years we have seen the places in the world become much easier to access, either by travel or via the internet, the many platforms of social media that have become a necessary part of our daily lives.

So how much of this is impacting on the ability to see what life has to offer? where is our own personal space? when did we last take time to question the balance of our own lifestyle?.

What will the real memories be as we grow older?, it won’t be what we viewed on social media but the experience we see with our own eyes.

The Cantabrica coast-  Spain- March 2017

Snow on the Pyrenees- March 2017

Boats in the Marina in the Mediterranean – May 2017

A sunset in the Mediterranean – August 2017


You and me and all we want to share!

Where to start! A little about me, I have been threatening to start my blog site for so long and today I start, my intention is to make friends and pass on interesting information on all sorts of subjects that are current, issues we face on a day to day basis, share inspirational ideas hopefully and experiences I can share that my friends can identify with. I have been writing and creating poetry for many years and until now they are in all sorts of cupboards and draws, my interests are diverse but dearest to me is the love for my family and friends, this world needs more love and peace and I believe it should be nurtured in all we do and say.

 I care deeply about what is happening in the world today and would love to make a difference in some way, I am quite spiritual and believe in the power of the universe and the energy fields we can all tap into.

I have a serious interest in Climate change and the effects, the world water crisis for developing countries and lack of clean water in the western world.

I love to laugh, have fun and be the best I can be each day!

  • I can be a bit bossy but hopefully in a good way!


A tale from the river bank of the Dordogne River

Our constitutual walk today was in Beaulieu sur Dordogne, along the scenic river banks, a little about this beautiful location!
The Mediaeval town of Beaulieu goes back to the Middle Ages, the river was an intergal part of the community at that time, by the mid 18th century the traffic on the river was very busy at certain times of the year, usually spring or Autumn depending on the water levels.

 The boats used were specially designed narrow, low and flat bottomed called ‘Gabares’ made out of local timber used to transport timber and local produce further up the river. They were often towed by Oxen, or pulled by rope by up to 20 men.

When the railways came to the area, eventually the Gabares were no longer used.

Today the river Dordogne is unrecognisable from that time, with weirs and dams built to control the flow of the river. There are still a few Gabares in service today in  Beaulieu and a few other location on the Dordogne, for tourists that visit this popular destination.

The delight of this setting has much to offer, surrounded by parklands, the walk across the bridge with the deafening sound of the water from the dam, that also segregates diversion channels for the fish to continue up the river without tumbling over at speed.

The peaceful views to all sides of the river, a fisherman waste high in the water, the crunch under foot of the fallen acorns as we continue our walk.

As you can see, I continue to dawdle along behind my trailblazer husband, doing my best to capture the beauty around me, the odd acorn hitting me on the head but that was the only incident of the day!

I avidly looked to see some fish but alas I was unsuccessful!​ but I did capture the sound of the river!

it was a perfect end to a hit and miss week, but my equilibrium has returned thankfully!


A funny old week, One way or another !

It’s been quite a funny sort of week that sent my emotions off in all directions! So today I am determined to get back to a state of equilibrium! All being well!

I seem to have been a different person everyday of this week,

Monday,  I was a nervous wreck! after visiting the dental surgeon who sympathetically enquired if I had a problem, looking at my palid colour, the look of terror in my eyes and appearing to be disorientated, my dear significant other half, reassured him it was not dementia just nerves!

Tuesday, was an aftermath day of the ordeal of Monday, deliberating anxiously over the course of treatment ahead of me! Being very reassured and surprised by my dear hubby who feels the need to provide me with his very best signature dish, yes his famous ‘fish and chips’! Believing them to be a sort of pick me up to improve my disposition, they were incredibly good, as the day went by my tattered nerve ends began to defrost!

Wednesday, I was feeling a little more myself, we make a decision to begin a fitness regime by an autumn walk, that most certainly helps to have a more peaceful disposition, this was unfortunately followed by a little shop at Aldi where we were sadly let down by our will power and stocked up on chocolates and biscuits! Not the best move after our exercise regime!

Thursday,  started off well enjoying my early morning Black and White film, breakfast in bed served by my ever loving significant other, all going swimmingly well until my little mishap! as described in yesterdays blog, although it ended up being a bit of a frenzy followed by busy day of washing, more washing, ironing and defuming,  we ended laughing about the unfortunate incident! You will pleased to hear the bedroom was back smelling as sweetly as ever!

Friday is here, I intend it to be the best it can be, hopefully with no unprecedented incidents to encounter! 

I had read an article recently that said we all deserve ‘a day away’ from everything, in other words we are supposed to announce to everyone in our lives, we are not contactable for 24 hours, we ditch phones and Ipads, go out for the day with not a worry in our minds, ditch all responsibility for the day. Just be! Just letting our thoughts wonder on little things we observe that we don’t usually notice! A bit like a spring clean of our minds and nourishment for the soul!
Sounds rather a good idea for some ! but not for me, I love communication with my loved ones, what if they needed me? I like to know what’s going on in the world, I couldn’t do without capturing a special moment and not share it! I would need my fix of humour and of course what about not being with my significant other half? What would he do!

What a funny old week of mixed blessings, all made better by love and humour I received along the way!

Thanks to all!

It’s a bit of a hit or miss sort of day!




As I awoke this morning, opened my bedroom window to let the fresh air in, the day was dark and cloudy with a few threatening clouds above! I wondered if it would improve in order to have our new constitutional walk later.

My dearest significant other half appears with a breakfast tray, two boiled eggs, soldiers perfectly cut with much less butter on this time (after all he is cutting me down to get me fit) the best of sea salt carefully placed on the plate, a lovely cup of tea in my favourite cup! It’s 8am and all I need now is a good black and white film

With pillows puffed up, I settled down to a little me time, reflecting on how lucky I am to have such a caring husband, even though he likes to take over on all things! But that’s not a bad thing, he just has to be busy and have a project! And currently I am his latest one!

To be honest I am not always sure, I want my breakfast at this time, but of course as he wakes very early most mornings, and is keen to build up my health so there isn’t much I can do when it arrives!

After eating my breakfast leaving 2 of the 4 soldiers, settling down to my film, up he pops again with freshly brewed coffee, ah lovely I say!

He knows well that I enjoy two cups a day, I am very particular about coffee, it’s has to be Colombian- strength four, a little cream in the cup before pouring in the freshly brewed coffee, and after a little training and a few attempts he is normally getting it right!

I had hardly finished the first cup when cup two is brought up, I said my grateful thanks as usual, without taking my eyes off the film, absorbed in the plot and not thinking too much I began to drink my second cup, it was very creamy this time I thought, when minutes later I felt really sick, followed by bringing up all that had been provided so lovingly by my significant other.

Well, it was everywhere, so my ‘me time’ turned into a frenzy of clearing the bed, duvet, pillows etc, I opened every window, ran the bath of cold water to take off the offending deposits, rushed down stairs with the first load for the washing machine, with all the white bedding ready to follow!

Photographs not being displayed here, don’t want to spoil your next meal!

My dear hubby returns home from his daily shopping to hear about the goings on, he goes upstairs to be met by the aroma of the dilemma and gets back in the car to return to the shops for air freshener, muttering that he may have to sleep in the other room this evening!

With the hit and miss weather conditions, our mighty quilt managed to partly dry, the white bedding was carefully pegged out only to be brought in minutes later when my significant other rushed out to retrieve them all, during a  heavy downpour.

He likes being busy!

So with a fresh bed made up, hubby in a dry outfit, hair been towel dried, the washing hung indoors, a hearty lunch eaten, the bedroom now smelling of roses! We are back on track! Of course I didn’t get to see the end of my film. But as they say ‘tomorrow is another day’ !

I did however mention too much cream in the coffee ! and I would prefer to have it a little later in the morning and not in bed!

NB. Hubby just asked me where I thought he bought the fresh air canisters from, I guessed right, it’s Aldi, he asked how I knew, well you weren’t long I said, ah well he said I put my blue flashing lights on!

You just got to laugh, don’t you? Time for a cup of tea from my favourite cup!

Reflections of Autumn

A time to rejoice this Season in our life


Autumn season is a wonderful time, as the days close in, and we have the last embers of the late summer sun.

it gives us time to celebrate all we have enjoyed during the spring and summer months, a time through natures beauty to personally harmonise and reflect, preparing ourselves for the forthcoming winter months, that often feel very long.


The early morning mist, the late morning sunrise and the spectacular low sunsets. All of this and the changing colours of the fields and trees, provide a feast of beauty like no other season.


To see in technicolor the evening sun, cast the amazing, vibrant colours through the trees, before they shed their leaves completely.


To see late crops turn a golden brown, bearing their fruits of harvest


The Autumn in our life

This wonderful season can often be compared to a season in our own lifetime, a wonderful time in life where we have learnt so much, finding ourselves with the gift of wisdom and confidence.

We too can be more colourful, show our own beauty, be a joy to behold!

We make better choices in life, we realise that life is for living and doesn’t last forever, we now know what is most important to us, we take time to do the things that interest us, we spend time with the people who matter most.

We laugh at ourselves, can say what we feel, wear what we want, don’t worry what others think of us!

This Autumn in life has a lot going for it! Don’t you think!


Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

If the cakes are good enough for the president of France, they are good enough for us!


Well it is Sunday, I have managed to avoid saying ‘yes’ to these scrumptious cakes all week! My significant other half has asked me each day, I think I mentioned this before but today my answer was, if you want cakes then ok let’s have some!

I didn’t expect him to return with half of the shop! There is only the one cake that is my favourite, but as you can see these are mini sized versions of all the cakes in the award winning cake shop!


I think now you can see why I failed so miserably today, how could I not eat this amazing little morsel, the light Chou pastry filled with fresh cream, topped off with caramelised sugar, it’s a combination to die for, so you bakers out there should try it!

I have however, a confession, there were indeed 6 other cakes not in the box prior to the photograph above! Equally shared by me and my other significant other!

But look at we have got left, it would be a shame not to eat them after all, ‘himself’ told me how long he queued for them being such a famous cake shop! they will never keep until next Sunday will they?

I hate waste don’t you!










Knock me down with a feather 

We don’t go around thinking about seeing feathers all of the time, do we? but go about our day as normal, the strange thing is that when we do come across one, we stop and wonder about what this can mean?

Today, I scurried off to the shop before it closed, after which I was able to gently saunter back to the car,  it was an incredibly beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky, as I passed along side of the little river that runs through our town I saw the mirrored reflection of the small bridge I crossed,  laden with colourful flowers, they looked stunning and just as real on the surface of the water, I rummage in my bag for my phone to capture this but had stupidly left it at home, which is so rare as I love to capture moments like this and tend to do on a daily basis,.

Suddenly a beautiful white feather floats by, wow I thought, I walked a little further to the next bridge and a to my surprise a second white feather appears!

Earlier in the day I had been thinking about two very special souls who had passed away not long ago, I had been looking at pictures of my wonderful brother and had a little chat with him, then kissed his photos as usual, I had also replied to a dear friend’s granddaughter, who had kindly sent me meaningful photos and the service sheet she had created when the family recently celebrated her life.
A little later at home I glanced through the window and to my amazement I saw a cloud shape of a large white feather, this time I grabbed my camera phone to capture this, it was really joyful to see, to me it’s a symbol of peace and happiness and all that’s good in the world, or a new birth? Today I had the wonderful news of the arrival of our latest addition, a precious baby boy to our ever growing family, safely arrived in the early hours with great news that both mum and baby son are doing well!

What a lovely day!

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, after witnessing three today! Lucky me!

Its ‘Cowpie Day’, It’s official!


I have decided to nominate today the 14th October to be the official ‘cowpie day’ As I was intrigued to know where it originated, after not finding very much out about this dish but seeing a quite a few differing recipes, it is also a favourite dish to cook by my significant other half,  who can propose this dish on a very regular basis!!!!

I was a little taken back the first time he presented it to me and said that it was called cow pie, I had never heard of a dish called ‘cow pie’ my thoughts veered towards fields of cowpats however I looked at the size of this piping hot bowl of gruel, that was enough to feed at least 3 people!(he does like to feed me well)  It did however look a little familiar to a cowpat in a dish but in fairness it was delicious !

This particular dish varies greatly with its ingredients each time, but I must say the finished look is always the same, a brown good sized earthen wear bowl, filled to the brim with meat, (occasionally fish) with lots of vegetables topped off with crispy browned off mash potatoes, then cooked for ages in the oven, and smells just devine as it cooks away!

The reason for today’s proclamation of being ‘cowpie day’ was that hubby was feeling a little bewildered about my inability to get too excited about his cowpie, I did explain that it was one of his ‘signature dishes’ to be eaten when one is ravenous or has a man size appetite, being of a gracious disposition today, I enthusically explained I would eat the remainder a little later for tea!

That’s good he says as this has taken me longer to make than a Christmas dinner! I sensitively replied that my liking and preference would have to be for a traditional Christmas dinner!  Just in case!